Afon Explorers Expedition to Switzerland 2013

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5th August
  • must contain waterproofs, hoody, passport, money, lunch, any medical requirement + presecription
  • must not contain penknives, scissors, tweezers, liquids

Main baggage
  • Drop off on Wednesday 21st August:
    • 10.00-11.00 Creigiau Scout Hall
    • 19:00-20:00 1st Rhiwbina Hall
  • Ensure your bag and any loose items (eg walking poles, bedrolls) are labelled
  • Ensure your kit is in plastic bags inside your baggage - if it rains whilst we are getting the tents up it could get wet, and a damp sleeping bag is a grim way to start camp!

Patrol lists and tent lists are here: Useful documents
Most activities will not be by patrol as you will have individual choice, but we will use patrols for the daily tasks rota and also to help do head-counts whilst travelling.

We will be giving you a special Welsh necker for the trip - but please also bring your District/Unit one. Often, Scouts will swap neckers with friends they make from different groups or countries - feel free to do this, but 2 rules (1) you still need to have at least 1 necker to wear on your way home (we don't mind if its from Cardiff, or Germany, or Peru!) and (2) if you decide to swap your unit necker you will need to buy a new one from your unit leader when you get back (about £6).

Have been ordered, we will try to get them to you the week before we go.

15th July
Thanks to everyone who came along to the prep evening on Thursday. 
By now, you should have given us
£150 final payment (less April fundraising)
2 x copies of your passport
2 x copies of your EHIC

    Useful documents
    A copy of "essential information" can now be found here ->Useful documents
    A copy of the general kit-list can now be found here- Useful documents
    Insurance details can be found here -> Useful documents

    Phones: there are charging "lockers" for phones on the campsite - but we don't know how many, or how much they cost!


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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the travel arrangements?
    You will need to make your own travel arrangements to Bristol airport for 8.15am on Friday 23rd August 
    We then fly by Eastjet to Geneva (about an hour and a half) and will then travel by train to Kandersteg (about 3 hours)
    We will get back to Bristol Airport at 22:00 on Friday August 30th.

    What money will I need?
    All travel, main activities and 3 meals a day are paid for by your camp fees. If you wish, you may bring money for ice-creams, snacks or, souvenirs.
    The local currency is Swiss Francs (CHF).  1 CHF is about 70p.
    Typically, cans of drink are about 1.50CHF, Mars bars 2CHF (but bars of good supermarket own-brand chocolate are more like 0.75CHF). Drink, icecreams cost a lot more if bought in a mountain hut than in the village.
    Souvenirs: Kandersteg pen-kinfe 19CHF, Cow keyring 2.50CHF, T-shirts around 20CHF.
    You will have an opportunity to visit the village 3 or 4 times during the week -there is also a shop (souvenirs and snacks) on the campsite. You will probably have a half-day exploring Interlaken towards the end of the camp or another town.
     There are a couple of cash-points in the village.  You may wish to investigate a pre-paid travel card such as these.  or  . 

    What will the weather be like?
    In August, the average daily high temperature is 20C, and the average low is 10C. It can get chilly in the evening, and in the morning before the sun hits the valley, so make sure you have a warm sleeping bag and some warm clothes. It will almost certainly rain at some point, so you will need a good waterproof jacket and trousers, and maybe wellies.

    What will the food be like?
    We will probably have a mix of food cooked by ourselves, meals catered in the hostel, plus a meal out somewhere. Please ensure you let us know of anything (food allergies or medical requirements) which may impact on you during the trip.

    What equipment will I need?
    Kit list is here ->Useful documents

    What sort of bag should I take?
    You need a small backpack to take on hikes and excusrsions, and to use as your hand baggage. Your main bag will go on the van - you will need to carry it a few hundred metres from the carpark to the campsite. Its your choice whether you prefer to bring a large rucksack or a holdall.

    Do I need a passport?
    Yes! and a valid EHIC Card.This can be ordered for free from

    Who else will be there?
    Because its the end of the summer, a lot of Scouts from countries such as Denmark, Holland etc will already be back at school. We know there is a big group from London who will be camping, and some from Norfolk - but I'm sure there will be plenty of new and interesting people for you to meet.

    Can I take my phone?
    Yes, if you like - but make sure you know how much calls / data will cost before you run up a huge bill. Charging facilities will be limited. Phones and other such items are not covered by our Expedition insurance, and are your own responsibility. You may want to bring a charged spare battery with you.

    Will there be a curfew?
    There is a general time for quiet on the campsite. There will be activities each evening - and we'll tell you what time you need to be back on our campsite, depending on the programme for the next day.
    In accordance with the UK Scout Association rules, no-one under the age of 18 is to purchase or drink alcohol on this trip.

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