100 years of Cubs

Cubs 100 is an unforgettable celebration of the 2016 Centenary of Cub Scouts. Here in Afon District, we'll be putting on event and celebrations to showcase the fun, excitement and adventure of this special year. 

In 1916, the section we know as
Cub Scouts was formed (it was originally called Wolf Cubs). Within twelve months, 30,000 young people had joined. Today, Cub Scouts has grown to over 150,000 members who enjoy fun and adventure, activities and nights away, making friends and trying new things. The actual birthday is on 16 December but Cubs 100 will be celebrated throughout 2016.

What happening here?

Your cub leaders will give you more information.

The Wildest Cub Camp Ever

An adventure camp for all cubs in the district 20th - 22nd May

National Cub Fun Day (Bristol)
19th June

Birthday Party 
16th December 2016

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