District Cub Camp 2014

Mission Impossible

Where is it?

Miskin Mill Scout Village

How much will it cost? 

The camp is expected to cost around £30-£35 per cub to include food and accommodation. Cost will depend on numbers attending.

How do we book?

Places on this adventure are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

A deposit of £10 is needed by 11th April 2014. This is a strict deadline, and cubs registering after this event will not be able to attend. Deposits should be given to your leader.

This year's district camp will take place at Miskin Mill Scout Village, between the 6th and 8th June 2014.  The theme will be Mission Impossible.

The Welsh Aeronautics and Space Agency (WASA) are planning to launch their first mission to Jupiter, from their base at Ynys Cwmnafaral but the Americans are not happy that the Welsh are likely to beat them to it. The secret plans for the new rocket system have been stolen by enemy agents. The cubs are needed to track down the enemy agents and find the plans or else the mission will be scuppered. Its not yet clear where the plans have got to, but finding them will need good use of some of the finest cub scout skills. These may include climbing, caving, archery, code breaking, and for some unknown reason – singing around a campfire. The cubs will arrive on the Friday evening, and will need to be collected just before lunch on the Sunday. They will spend two nights sleeping in tents, although there is indoor accommodation in case of emergencies. 

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