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District Camp 2014

The 2014 district camp will take place between the 6th and 8th June at Miskin. The theme of the camp was be 'Mission Impossible'. Cubs had to act as spies, cracking codes, mastering disguises and participating in training exercises in climbing, shooting, and singing.  They sent (pop bottle) rockets to the moon, fought their way though a mystery spider's web and wade across the mud field that was the camp site

130 cubs turned up - our biggest ever camp and despite the not ideal weather, the all had a good time.

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District Camp 2012

Another excellent cub camp has come to an end, with lots of excited, tired but happy cubs.  Five packs from the District took place in a Dr Who meets the Jubilee themed camp. The cubs had to help the time traveller locate the missing crown jewels trapped in a time warp between now and 1953 when the coronation was due to take place. Luckily the cubs generated enough energy to recover the missing Jewels so history could carry on as it should.

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The cubs generated their energy by doing lots of exciting activities. They had to fire a 21 gun salute (using pop bottles), build coronation coaches, ascend Everest in the style of Sir Edmund Hilary and cook a coronation meal on a camp fire.

Badge Day 2014

Over 90 cubs came along to this year's Badge Day from ten packs in the District. The cubs had a great time working towards their different badges.

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Those doing the Scientist Badge had fun making things fly, making chocolate ice cream and seeing what Static Electricity could do. The Communicator badge had a spies theme, with cubs, cunningly breaking codes and passing on secret messages.  Every so often they were seen to be hunting for some mysterious criminal who had found her way into the badge day.

Anyone seeing the cubs doing the Emergency Aid badge would have been shocked to see the gruesome injuries that they had to deal with. Apparently these were all fake but they didn't look like it.

Luckily those doing the DIY badge didn't have to be treated by the Emergency Aid cubs for lost fingers!  They made some excellent bird boxes. The cubs doing the Artist Badge came away with some printed t-shirts and a stunning set of model elephants.

The whole day was recorded by a group working on the IT badge.  They photographed, and videoed everything that was going on and then put them into a presentation for all to see at the end.

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District Badge Day