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Activities Resources

One of the roles as a leader is to Lead your scouts, Inspire and Challenge them by facilitating activities / opportunities for them within scouting.

With this in mind the District Activities Team are here to assist and help YOU as leaders, together with promoting outdoor activities for all our groups and sections.

We are fully aware that many groups in our district are very active, however some groups do not have the resource to provide their scouts with the challenges that some may require to forward their progress within the movement, and beyond. With that in mind we would like to ensure that every scout and Explorer in our district has the opportunity to access a:-

  1. Quality camping experience every Year. 
  2. A walk in Terrain 1 >500m,<800m Eg, Brecon Beacons, Black Mountains, to ensure that scouts can have the opportunity to participate in “A regional challenging Walk every year” 
  3. We will assist any group that requests it in providing “A local but challenging walk every Year (Terrain 0 <500m).” not necessary just local ridgeway etc, there are far more interesting areas to visit beyond the Cardiff boundary! 
  4. Another challenging activity not normally undertaken Some outdoor activities require a leader to have formal approval (activity permits) to carry out some activities 


Yes you need to have them! for your own and your scouts protection. How can you produce a programme that includes outdoor activities if you don’t have access to them? Can we help you? in both the activity and obtaining your own permit?

To find out more about activities in the district contact:
Rod LLoyd or Dave Roberts
ADC Activities